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Friday, February 6, 2015

#Cre8time Lights up the Night... Offray Ribbon Challenge with Designer Crafts Connection

Welcome to another special Designer Crafts Connection Challenge - using ribbon products from Offray® - the World's Most Beautiful Ribbon. We have been challenged to make something handmade utilizing a generous assortment of sheer and satin Offray ribbons. My ribbon colors are light cremes, pale blue and a white wired satin... perfect colors to make an upcylced night light for my new little nephew!

In today's project I have used Simply Sheer Asiana Creme 1 1/2"; 2203 Dainty DFS Light Blue 1/8"; 1016SFS Cream 1H 3/8" satin; 1015SFS Light Blue 1 1/2" - all from Offray®. Other supplies used: Recycled liquor box; white acrylic paint; double-sided adhesive tape; Beacon Fabri-Tac; scissors; flat back glass beads for feet; LED tap light.

I am in Ribbon Heaven... sheer and satin, wide and thin...
perfect ribbonry contrasts to create with!

So much ribbon - so little time! I have so many ideas and have more than enough ribbon to work on a large project. I have a recycled liquor box awaiting transformation before hubs chucks it into the Tuesday recycling pickup that will make a lovely nightlight.

To begin, I whitewashed all black surfaces on the box and lid using white acrylic paint applied in a dry-brush fashion. This recycled box is a paper base, so I don't want to make it too wet. I left the beautiful copper metallic paper exposed on the inside which will give a nice contrast and glow when lit.

Using double-sided adhesive tape, I wrapped the edges to accept rows of sheer ribbon, slightly overlapped. Then I created vertical stripes by overlapping the satin ribbons and tacked them down using Beacon Fabri-Tac. For added contrast, I exposed the matte backside of the 3/8" creme satin ribbon. I wrapped edges around top and bottoms which are tucked inside where lid fits into.

The lid has been whitewashed also, and I cut sections of the large blue satin ribbon to create a woven pattern - layered with the creme 3/8" ribbon. All tacked down with double-sided adhesive with edges are wrapped around and tucked inside. 

The final touch is adding the magic! A battery powered LED taplight. It makes a custom light project so quick and easy. I pick them up at the grocery store - they come in a two-pack for about $5-6. I splurge on the lights because the quality of light is brighter than those I've purchased previously at the dollar store {in this case you get what you pay for}.


All lit up the copper metallic gives a warm glow and compliments the colors of the ribbon. I've left the solid sides white washed and uncovered as it has a nice texture and bluish tint from streaks of the black background peeking through. This new lamp is cordless and is perfect for my new nephew's nursery... just lift the lid and give the light a tap!

My recylced Lamp is ready
to light up the night!

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  1. I love, love, love this idea. Now I need to know what kind of liquor comes in this box so I can have a box like this also! ☺
    Seriously, fabulous nightlight again. The idea of ribbon is fantastic!

  2. Very elegant! You'd never know it was a recycled box!

  3. Elegant. Thanks for sharing your great tutorial.

  4. This is such a fantastic idea and the nightlight is so sweet! Perfect for a little guy's room!


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