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Sunday, April 12, 2009

TravelersH'art ABB round robin 'Self Portrait'

This is my entry in a seven player, Altered Book Round Robin I am participating in with the Travelers H'art yahoo group. This is Halcyon's book - with a "Self Portrait" theme and is one of those thick board children's books and on each page there is a mirror. I knew exactly what I was going to do when I looked it over. This photo is of myself at about age 2. I'll have to talk to my grandmother to find out for sure. Anyway, I have an album of old photos my mom gave me from way back when that actually survived what seemed like 100 moves here and there - and - and a damp, dusty basement where it was discovered. Some of the pages had the negatives sandwiched between the pages. There are three photos that describe the scene - I had enlarged them at the community school darkroom one day when I was playing with making B&W prints from color negatives in my photography class.

The first photo shows me seated on my grandfathers' lap sitting at the kitchen table with a fresh cake sitting in front of us. The second photo is me sitting by myself, in front of the cake, stealing a taste. This photo is the end result - and I should ask how long it took for me to destroy the cake and paint myself with the cake. It was chocolate, and to this day is not really my favorite cake...but a very tasty medium!
; ) Sb

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