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Friday, January 9, 2009

Creative entry for today...

I was "PLAYING" around with some art in photoshop yesterday to make a header for my blog [one of those things I've been meaning to get to]. Then when I went to save it, the program shut down and I lost half of it. Oh well, I was playing...

Anyway, today's PLAY at work was filling out my entry and selecting my reproduction for the annual Street Painting Festival in Lake Worth, FL next month [Feb 21-22]. It was a tough decision and I had 5 paintings in the running: four by Monet - "Nympheas" of the Water Lilly series, "Field of Tulips, Holland", "Madame Monet & Her Son", & "The Boat at Giverny" and "The Card Players" by Cezanne.

This is the one I chose, "Madame Monet & Her Son". I will save the others for selection next year " ) Sb

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