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Thursday, January 8, 2009

I took the Challenge...

I am wide awake and online and watching "Days..." on tivo. Checking in on my group digests for any responses to a few posts and I went on to one of my new favorite blogs to read by Elizabeth Golden - The Last Door...Down the Hall. What a creative piece of inspiration with photos, artwork, recipies and more...I have been there reading for over 2 hours. I have screen captured so many recipes - and I can't wait to try. Anyway...on her blog she has a link to this Creative Every Day blog.

CED is having a
challenge for 2009 & I just signed up [I'm #109 on the list]. I'm only 8 days behind...but committed just the same. I'm looking forward to where i end up on this new adventure! Wish me luck ; ) Sb

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